How the Apotti project will fail, and how to save it!

How the Apotti project will fail, and how to save it! Finnish Medical Association has calculated that poor information systems take the annual man hours of 600 medical doctors. Over the years, I have seen software development done in multiple different ways. This picture gives some idea of my experiences in software development and the […]

Tour de Coderetreat Tampere-Helsinki-Turku

Hi, Agile Finland organizes a Tour de Coderetreat – that is, a coderetreat in, hopefully, three cities: Tampere, Helsinki and Turku Facilitator is Adrian, Adi, Bolboaca from MozaicWorks (Bucharest, Romania). * Adi’s blog: * MozaicWorks: Our (I and Adi) initial plan to start the tour in Tampere on Wednesday Nov 12th. Note: I [&helli

Year of Agile 2014 – 2015

As the new executive committee is kicking off yet another great season, a new and improved view into Year of Agile -summary sheet of events by Agile Finland and others in the agile ecosystem, has been published. If you know of events, including commercial public trainings that we should have a view


How to hold a coaching exercise in your organization

A guest post by:  Ilmari Kontulainen I have been hosting Agile finland Helsinki coaching circles from last spring. Coaching circles are monthly meetups where people can present and discuss different topics that revolve around coaching as well as practice the actual coaching. The most essential practice that we have is an actual coaching exercise. In […]

Summary on Breakfast seminar on Agile Ownership 22.5.2014

Agile Ownership stream (in Finnish: Ketterä omistajuus) kicked off with a breakfast seminar at Codento premises in downtown Helsinki. There was a crowd – great participation – with a lot of energy and a surprising mix of people from Helsinki and further. Majority of people were from customer organizations, and the contractor representatives mingled nicely […]

Future of Agile (Finland) – What it might be?

Writeup by: Maaret Pyhäjärvi, Agile Finland Executive committee 2013 On August 20th, 15 onsite and 6 remote participants got together on a discussion about future of Agile (Finland). This writeup is one person’s summary of what was going on in the discussions, and you can check the recording for misinterpretations I might have created while […]

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