New executive committee!

Annual meeting of Agile Finland was held on Tuesday 5.5. evening at premises of Druid and Fraktio. Thanks for the folks of these companies for hosting the event! Biggest outcome is the new executive committee that was selected. Rest of the year executive committee will be facilitated by Olli Pietikäinen and the committee will have […]

New Pod: Tech Excellence Finland welcomes you

Agile Finland community has great and active pods (self-organized units that create stuff in the community) in Coaching, Contracts, CxOs, Testing and conferences (Scan Agile, Tampere Goes Agile). This message is to announce that there’s also now a pod for back-to-roots stuff of software development from a team member perspective. We decided to call it […]

Agile Finland ry – Kutsu vuoden 2015 vuosikokoukseen

Agile Finland ry – Kutsu vuoden 2015 vuosikokoukseen This message repeats in English below. Tervetuloa Agile Finland ry:n sääntömääräiseen vuosikokoukseen. Käydään läpi sääntömääräisiä asiat, tutustutaan toisiin aktiiveihin ja mahdollisesti kokouksen jälkeen käydään huuhtelemassa kuivat kokouspölyt kurkusta jossain lähialueen ravitsemusliikkeessä. Kokouksessa valitaan


Puuhayksilöitä etsitään!

Puuhayksilöitä etsitään! Kourallinen Agile Finlandin aktivisteja kokoontui keväisenä tiistai-iltana Codenton toimistolle pistämään itseään tikulla silmään ja muistelemaan mennyttä vuotta retrospektiivin hengessä. Keskustelimme erityisesti hallituksen toiminnasta sekä varsinaisen toiminnan organisoinnista. Kuten muistanette, lanseerasimme ajatuksen itseorganisoituvista podeista taan


Agile Finland Newsletter 1/2015

Agile Finland Newsletter 1/2015 Our first edition of the newsletter this year just went out, check it out here: and read more about Agile Finland upcoming events!     (Photo by Daniel Schildt)



How to hold a pro action cafe in your organization

A guest post by:  Ilmari Kontulainen I wrote a post about holding a coaching exercise in your organization last September. I incidentally heard feedback on the post that at some distant company, far away, someone had actually held such exercise using the instructions I described as a baseline. After receiving such good feedback, I couldn’t resist the urge to […]


Scan-Agile Conference 2015 is all downhill

The agile business is growing like a snowball, and we want to accelerate it even bigger. We want to grow the ecosystem of agile organisations and people. That’s why we are organising the Scan-Agile conference – once again. Agile is nothing new anymore, some might say it’s mainstream. However, let’s face the fact that not […]


You can’t run from agile

You can’t run from agile by Riina Hellström (@extemporea) Rarely have I seen so much potential in the room simultaneously. These are the people twisting and turning Finland agile. Our common aim is to grow the agile ecosystem. Agile Finland’s CxO meetup was held at YLE on Tuesday. It was especially nice to see that […]


Experiences on Teaching Kids Programming

Experiences on Teaching Kids Programming In autumn 2014 Agile Finland ry started a working group of people interested in Next Generation of Agilists, namely work on children. The group set out to work on helping kids with interest in computers and software from a wider angle than just programming: including collaboration methods to create together, […]

Results from Agile Finland Community Poll 2014

Community poll results are here! Agile Finland ry conducted our first-ever community poll with two main intentions: We wanted to know who our members are – understood in the widest possible way as community members that we are able to reach for the poll We wanted to know how we’re doing in the perspective of […]