ScanAgile 2017 call for sessions – announcement

The ScanAgile 2017 organizing team has put out the Call for Sessions for the 2017 edition of the conference. The conference will take place early March 2017. Here is your opportunity to speak at Scandinavian Agile Conference 2017, the leading Agile conference in Finland! ScanAgile has been bringing in great speakers and business professionals together […]

Planning for ScanAgile 2017

What is ScanAgile Organized in Helsinki on a yearly basis, Scandinavian Agile Conference is the largest agile conference in Finland. We bring together large parts of the Finnish and Scandinavian agile circles, give people new interesting ideas and help them share experiences and extend their networks. At the same time we help agile companies meet up with prospective […]

Welcome to Annual Meeting 2016!

Annual Meeting 2016 is approaching. Thank you all for making this such a great year! If you haven’t been in AF annual meeting before, it is a great opportunity to meet fellow agilists as well as influence on what will happen in Agile Finland during next year. If you are not yet a member of […]


SurviveJS – Writing a Book in a Lean Way

SurviveJS – Writing a Book in a Lean Way by Juho Vepsäläinen If someone had told me a couple of years ago I would be a book author in 2016, I would have rolled my eyes. Even though I’ve been blogging for quite a while, writing is a career path I never took seriously. The […]

Tampere Coaching Circle 2016 kickoff with Esa Saarinen

”Really inspiring, confusing and mesmerizing!” “This felt even like indulgence. Empowering!” “The speech started a thinking process which still continues.” Agile Finland (sponsoring the speaker) and Nokia (sponsoring the venue) offered a tremendous opportunity to attend a special Tampere Coaching Circle event featuring Esa Saarinen. His speech – ”Yhteistyön maaginen noste ja oman elämän seuraavat […]

Tampere Goes Agile retrospective 2.11.2015

We gathered together once more this year, this time at the restaurant Como. We had met frequently during past eight months, in order to make Tampere Goes Agile –seminar happen in October. Two weeks after the seminar, we wanted to go through the seminar feedback and to highlight key learnings to be passed on to the […]

Ketterät sopimusehdot JIT2015 ja IT2015

Huomioita käyttäjille Syyskuussa 2015 valmistuivat kahdet yleiset ketterät sopimusehdot: IT2015 yrityksille ja JIT2015 julkiselle sektorille. Tapahtuma oli historiallinen siksi, että aiemmin ketteryyttä ei ole erikseen huomioitu yleisissä sopimusehdoissa. Ketterien projektien ostajat ovat joutuneet soveltamaan niitä itse ketterien hankintojen käyttöön. Se, että kyseessä ovat ensimmäiset ketterät ehdot, ja että niiden laatimista on taatusti saatellut kiivas keskustelu, […]


How to hold a pro action cafe in your organization

A guest post by:  Ilmari Kontulainen I wrote a post about holding a coaching exercise in your organization last September. I incidentally heard feedback on the post that at some distant company, far away, someone had actually held such exercise using the instructions I described as a baseline. After receiving such good feedback, I couldn’t resist the urge to […]