What we offer – Opportunities for learning and developing agile

Agile Finland aims at growing the Agile ecosystem by providing a great collaborative community creating great contents from and to Finland. We want to work in both English and Finnish, and become a de-facto place to go look for great Agile contents in the long term – contents being articles, presentations, videos and events both free and paid. We believe Agile is not a method, but a way of thinking about software development that we need to a bright and happy future. And the way of thinking is open to learning more about ways we do things.

Within this idea, we are doing many different things. Right now there’s activity going on around following themes:

  • Agile Ownership – Product management and customer perspective especially for software-user organizations; the group uses Finnish as working language and has people joining events in Helsinki from around Finland.  The group’s event cadence is quarterly. Meetings are organized in a Facebook group and advertized on Agile.fi site and in newsletters. For more info, contact karoliina.luoto(at)codento.com.
  • Helsinki Coaching Circle – Coaching and Consulting themes and changes to practice coaching in a safe environment; the group is local to Helsinki. The group’s event cadence is monthly.
  • Tampere Coaching Circle – Coaching and Consulting themes and chances to practice coaching; the group is local to Tampere. The group’s event cadence is monthly/sporadic.
  • Helsinki Agile Testing – Business-facing and Technology-facing testing perspectives; the group works in close collaboration with Ohjelmistotestaus ry creating both meetups and Helsinki Testing Days Conference in collaboration with Aalto University of Applied Sciences. The groups event cadence is sporadic.
  • Tech Excellence Finland – Team-level technology-facing meetups. Coordinate their meetings on meetup platform and tweet with #TechExcellence hashtag.
  • CxO Open Spaces – CxO-level collaboration network meeting with about a biannual cadence.
  • Scan Agile Organizers – Building the greatest conference Agile Finland can deliver, with focus on contents by procuring organizing from professionals in that field. Paid but affordable with great contents.
  • Tampere Goes Agile Organizers – Building a great free, fun, friendly annual event that takes place in the heart of Tampere.
  • We also consider groups close to us ours: Join Turku Agile Days, Agile HR network, DevOps meetup group activity, Lean startup meetup group activity – anything.


Want to get more involved?

Agile Finland ry runs powered by volunteers – people who together can change the world. We call our volunteers Activists – people who want to actively contribute to making a difference. Activists are the heart and soul of Agile Finland, and shape what we are and become. Activists are supported by Executive Committee, selected annually by vote to handle the official bureaucracy.

If you fell like it, you could run a regular Agile Finland Pod like listed above, that brings together people on a theme. Other ideas on what you could volunteer for – or create an idea of your own that we have just not yet realized should be worked on.

  • You could volunteer to write a blog post on agile (understood in the widest possible sense) to be published on agile.fi -website.
  • You could volunteer your talks, exercises, or facilitated discussions for any of the User Groups
  • You could come up with a seminar theme and organize a one-time event of 2-3 hours
  • You could come up with a project of your own that creates new things Agile Finland will work on
  • You could join us in building the Agile Finland platform: making decisions about future directions and ways to get there, on how we improve Agile Finland as an organization, extend our reach and develop contents that will be relevant for our customers

Your contribution would be more than welcome. And volunteering does not leave you alone, you would be with friends who you can learn from. Let’s change the world together.

Some of our activists would identify their action as part of another non-profit. We look at things without borders, and welcome joint efforts trying to shape groups and break silos. If it is agile, we’re in support of it.

Want to help? Let us know by sending an email to info@agile.fi

Becoming an Activist

Being an Activist means different things to different people. Anything more than joining the sessions already organized is what we consider work for Activists. The work is pretty much self-organized so you can participate in a variety of ongoing activities (e.g. see the list below) or suggest to do something else. As much or as little as you like.

Working as an activist will also give different things to different people. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Networking: Get new contacts.
  • Increase your profile as professional by blogging.
  • Get experience in organizing events.
  • Boost your CV with an interesting project.
  • Do something professional you’re unable to do at work or in other projects or communities.
  • Save Finland by making it more agile.
  • [Insert your own here.]

Activist tools

As an Activist, you get access to three resources that we don’t share with everyone.

  1. Visibility to all organizing or selected theme in Slack discussion platform. We’ve set up channels for various themes / projects for remote collaboration, sharing ideas and making things happen. We welcome you with your idea of a theme/project you would like others to contribute on within Agile Finland or your contribution on any of the themes/projects that are already ongoing.
  2. Access to files on Agile Finland GDrive to enable creation of shared contents and visibility to all sorts of instructions and guidelines we’ve created and are creating.

There’s a bunch of tools we use, that we will introduce you to if your theme/project would benefit from those:

  • Agile.fi WordPress for creating blog and event contents
  • Gdrive forms / Eventbrite for setting up enrolling for events
  • Mailchimp for delivering our regular newsletters
  • Trello for managing / sharing tasks and creating visibility on who volunteers for what

Want to help? Want to get your hands dirty? Drop a line to info@agile.fi



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