Agile Finland organizes a Tour de Coderetreat – that is, a coderetreat in, hopefully, three cities: Tampere, Helsinki and Turku

Facilitator is Adrian, Adi, Bolboaca from MozaicWorks (Bucharest, Romania).
* Adi’s blog: http://blog.adrianbolboaca.ro/
* MozaicWorks: http://mozaicworks.com/

Our (I and Adi) initial plan to start the tour in Tampere on Wednesday Nov 12th. Note: I need help from locals in finding venue & other practical issues.
From Tampere we’ll continue to Helsinki on Thursday Nov 13th. Current plans are that the coderetreat will be held on Ambientia’s premises next to the main railway station.

On Saturday, Nov 15th, which happens to be the Global Day of Coderetreat (http://globalday.coderetreat.org/), we will organize a coderetreat in Turku.

Of these three cities, events at Helsinki and Turku and Tampere are pretty much confirmed.

What next?
– If you are interested in attending to coderetreat – register below
* Tampere: http://www.lyyti.in/coderetreat-tre
* Helsinki: http://www.lyyti.in/coderetreat-hki
* Turku: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/gdcr_turku

I will post (even) more information later, when the dates are getting closer.

And as a final word, the dates may change within the following weeks.

For more information / questions, don’t hesitate to drop a line at

Aki Salmi
050 341 5620

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

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