We gathered togetheTrega organizers 2015r once more this year, this time at the restaurant Como. We had met frequently during past eight months, in order to make Tampere Goes Agile –seminar happen in October. Two weeks after the seminar, we wanted to go through the seminar feedback and to highlight key learnings to be passed on to the organizers of trega2016.

Overall, the event was a success. We had a full house of people, showing up on this free-of-charge event, eager to learn about something new – in the lines of ‘Insprired Beyong Agile’ –theme.

Why is Tampere Goes Agile a special event despite the fact it….takes place in Tampere? Well, how many other seminars take place on Saturday and yet get a full house? How many seminars there are that are free of charge, offer great talks and a casual atmosphere where it does not matter which company you represent (we do not print company names in name tags)? Oh, and let’s not forget the great food? Tampere Goes Agile is a place to be when you wanted to meet serious but fun lean & agile enthusiastic people, those that spare half of their weekend for learning something new and mingling with other, well, agile geeks.

We would like to thank all of the participants who filled out the feedback form. The speakers got mainly positive feedback, ranging between Good to Very Good and even Excellent (yes, Allan Kelly got clearly the best speaker scores with his animated and inspiring speech about Beyond Projects). However, some commented that there were speakers who forgot that trega is not a marketing event. The audience does not appreciate an open promotion of company A or B services or products. Regarding speeches for coming events, the votes seemed to go for sharing experiences, having more technical topics, making the event more interactive, more Q&A, more workshops.

The conference in general was enjoyable. Most felt the atmosphere was friendly and people had a good time. There could have been more time on the breaks but sure the after party filled in some of the need for networking. Yet, timings are hard and when moving a mob of 140 persons, the breaks could have been a bit longer and the speeches maybe a bit shorter. And yes, for those coming to Tampere from some faraway distant places like Helsinki, we do appreciate starting 9am sharp might be a bit too early.

One of the key questions by organizers this year was whether the event should take place on Friday or Saturday. Somewhat surprisingly, the response was clear: Saturday is the preferred date (47%) to Friday (27%), although the rest do not mind either way as long as there is coffee and possibly…hmm…other refreshments. For summing up the question about the choice of the weekday, someone pointed out: ‘Having a free conference on a Saturday means that only the inspired ones are attending. No need to ask the boss for approval and nobody is forced to attend.  This means happy people with a goal to get most out of the day’. Yes, Tampere Goes Agile is a special event…because it is truly your free choice whether to attend a seminar on a Saturday or not.

Finally, 8.7 / 10 of the respondents would recommend Tampere Goes Agile to a colleague or a friend. Thank you. With that final note, the organizers concluded that we are now ready to hibernate for next 4 months or so – just to wake up when the sun comes out again in March and start preparing for trega2016. See you next year!

On behalf of organizers, Virpi Rowe.


Virpi Rowe

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