”Really inspiring, confusing and mesmerizing!”
“This felt even like indulgence. Empowering!”
“The speech started a thinking process which still continues.”

Agile Finland (sponsoring the speaker) and Nokia (sponsoring the venue) offered a tremendous opportunity to attend a special Tampere Coaching Circle event featuring Esa Saarinen. His speech – ”Yhteistyön maaginen noste ja oman elämän seuraavat tasot” –  was discussing different aspects of team work and how this can lift both your life & team results to the next level.

Esa’s speech included e.g. the following thoughts:
  • We all have more good inside us than is visible to others.
  • How could we better utilize our humanity to create positive energy in normal, everyday situations?
  • How to inspire people to achieve more? Or be better than they ever thought they could be?
For these topics, the answer might be e.g. the learning from Nelson Mandela:
  • Focus on the other person
  • Take leadership on the atmosphere
  • “Ylärekisterin ajattelu” (sorry, no translation for this term…)
  • Don’t become embittered
  • Show example
  • Superior hope
  • Respect the work of others

We received also very positive feedback from Esa himself after the session. He felt there was a good spirit in the event and he specifically mentioned he sensed it was a great group with a lot of potential. This session was the kickoff for the Tampere Coaching Circle season 2016 and events will be continued later this spring. Feel free to contact Yuri (yuri.barseghyan@gmail.com) to ask more information on the community.

Eveliina Vuolli

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