The agile business is growing like a snowball, and we want to accelerate it even bigger. We want to grow the ecosystem of agile organisations and people. That’s why we are organising the Scan-Agile conference – once again.

Agile is nothing new anymore, some might say it’s mainstream. However, let’s face the fact that not all are up to speed. Some are just taking their first steps, while some others are doing truly advanced stuff. That’s why Scan-Agile offers tracks for all experience levels:

  • The Blue Piste is for the beginners and offers safe ride with experienced skiing guides
  • The Red Piste gives teams and organisations ideas to deepen their understanding of agile and add the speed
  • The Black Piste is for experienced agilists to give them true challenge and help them beat the records
  • The Off-Piste brings you to the fresh powder-snow, off the traditional software development teams’ domain to whole organisation and new businesses

I’m hosting the Blue Piste, so let me share some thoughts around it. I’m saying it’s fine to be a beginner in agile, even year 2015. We know there are a lots of companies taking their first steps and struggling to understand what is it all about. Even though everyone is talking about agile nowadays, “agile” is not something you just take off-the-shelf and install. Good thing is, that there are a lots of experiences to learn from and a lots of people to discuss with. It’s never too late to get started. But you can’t hide forever, because agile is a best proven way to improve and grow your business.

The Blue Piste starts with the basics of agile and then discusses the various key things of becoming agile. The slope is covered with fresh snow of dreams and illusions, going down to real-life examples. It’s ok to fall down as there are people helping you up and to the speed again!

But what really glues it all together is leadership. Without leadership, agile is going to be – well, uphill. Therefore, leadership is a theme cutting through all of the tracks, from Blue to Off-Piste. Even though the managers are the key people in most organisations, leadership is not dependent on your job title. And if you go Off-Piste, you might challenge the whole idea of assigning some people as managers.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet people, get new ideas and be part of the successful agile ecosystem!

I’m hoping to see you in the Scan-Agile conference and workshop 10 – 11 of March 2015!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Conference Organiser Kristiina

Kristiina Ullgrén

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