What is ScanAgile

Scan Agile est. 2008

Organized in Helsinki on a yearly basis, Scandinavian Agile Conference is the largest agile conference in Finland. We bring together large parts of the Finnish and Scandinavian agile circles, give people new interesting ideas and help them share experiences and extend their networks. At the same time we help agile companies meet up with prospective partners and customers and with individual experts.

For Agile Finland ry, the ScanAgile conference has been the largest source of income for the last eight years. Despite the cheap ticket prices, thousands of conference participants and several dozen sponsors have helped fund all kinds of agile activities all over the country.

Where are we now?

Now that the organizers of ScanAgile 2017 have organized ourselves, we are ready to start looking at the conference itself. Over the last couple of weeks we have combined lessons learned from previous years with new and interesting ideas. Our intention is to let these ideas coalesce into a common plan before the end of November so that we can send out a Request for Presentations in December. The speaker list should get nailed down by the end of January 2017.

For several years Scan Agile has taken place on the International Women’s Day on March 8. In our own little way we have tried to generate a bit of awareness about the lopsided gender distribution in this industry. We are aiming for the same date also in 2017, but are keeping options open for weeks 10 and 11.

Our current plan is that the conference would be one day in length and have three tracks — give or take a bit. We are also looking into another day of workshops and a day of open space sessions. This depends on the venue and the quality of the talk/workshop submissions.

Make it different!

This is a very good time to contact us with proposals for ScanAgile 2017. We are collecting all kinds of ideas and will bring things to closure in a month or so. We are currently most interested in getting pointers to good speakers and hearing from prospective sponsors. We would also like to collaborate with other organizations on e.g. bringing thought leaders to Finland around the conference. Help us make ScanAgile 2017 the best conference ever! Reach out to us on the Slack channel #conf-scanagile or by e-mail: organizers at scan-agile.org.

Martin von Weissenberg

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