Agile Finland community has great and active pods (self-organized units that create stuff in the community) in Coaching, Contracts, CxOs, Testing and conferences (Scan Agile, Tampere Goes Agile). This message is to announce that there’s also now a pod for back-to-roots stuff of software development from a team member perspective. We decided to call it Tech Excellence to focus on the continuous self-development on various technical topics.

This pod organizes itself as a meetup group: and everyone is welcome to join, organize sessions or help us organize sessions.

The first session has been scheduled: Test-Driven Development next Thursday in Helsinki (Sievo). TDD theme will meet Oulu (Tekla) in early June and we’re crashing Tampere in end of August (Vincit) with a theme of Code from Finland (#koodiasuomesta).

To see things people have said they’d like to at least learn about within this pod, see: and leave your comments as well.

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

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