Annual meeting of Agile Finland was held on Tuesday 5.5. evening at premises of Druid and Fraktio. Thanks for the folks of these companies for hosting the event!

Biggest outcome is the new executive committee that was selected. Rest of the year executive committee will be facilitated by Olli Pietikäinen and the committee will have five full fledged members, Karoliina Luoto, Karim Ali, Sami Paju and Kristo-Mikko Daniel. Part of the committee are also spare members, Jussi Markula and Vasco Duarte who will fill in if official members are not available.

Main focus of the executive committee for the rest of the year is the “Platformization” of Agile Finland. What it means is, that we want to continue work on transforming Agile Finland to an association where self-managing and independent pods can continue to create and do all the cool stuff with as little of hassle as possible. Agile Finland would then as a platform offer pods the financial and technical support when needed.

And of course it’s not just executive committee members who are free to come to work on building the platform. All the activists who find this interesting are encouraged to join! Just join the Slack -channel #af_official_hoops and you’re in!

Olli Pietikäinen

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