Great things happen when people get together on a common agenda. A suspected common agenda within Agile Finland community was one that would be about sharing experiences on being or becoming self-employed – or micropreneurs as we decided to rename our group. From an idea to action, Maaret Pyhäjärvi and Vasco Duarte started discussions with an open dinner invite for fellow Agile Self-Employed in Helsinki for the evening of September 25th.

There was more interest in the group than people who could make it with the first event, and the attendees of the first event agreed we should make this a regular learning event for us. Below is a group photo of us enjoying the great company at Cantina West.

2014-09-25 19.09.22

We started off with a round of introductions, where each introduction already lead into various threads of interesting discussions to learn from. Some of us work in freelance-type of mode (toiminimi) and others are founders of their own companies, each with our unique idea of what and why we’d want to contribute.

Maaret shared her vision of one purpose for a group like this to come together: many of self-employed are experienced professionals who have reason to trust their skills to deliver value for the customers and we should work together to make it easier for the customers to find us when they need us. Finding a group of individuals may make this step smaller.

In general, the group exists so that we can share lessons learned on anything that a micropreneur might find useful. There were many gems on the discussions in the first meetup, that come together to the point of what the micropreneurs would do themselves and where to use services. We talked about buying services from Odesk, touched on contracts (in particular limiting liability), talked about cold calls to customers, and went through the ways each of us uses to promote our existence.

Time flew by with the discussions and we agreed to meet again, on Monday 20.10 evening at Omenia premises with a theme of “taking the leap” – experiences on giving up an employee job into the entrepreneur world. We’ll invite Woody Zuill as he in in Finland for that week to share why he has chosen not to do so for now, and invite others to join with their personal stories to learn from.

Who are we?

It was great to get to know people, so we thought to share our short introductions with you as well.

micropreneur-antti-pohjonen Antti Pohjonen is a keen test automation developer and the founding partner at Omenia Ltd. He has several years experience with test automation, agile and integration testing in global projects and multi-site organizations. His main activities has been development, design and administration of test automation environments and continuous deployment systems. He has also worked as trainer and coach for agile software development projects.
micropreneur-stephen-sykes Stephen Sykes is the Developer of TotalSpaces and fellow at Adtile Technologies inc. Also does freelance development for a variety of clients.
micropreneur-sami-linnanvuo Sami Linnanvuo is an entrepreneur & technologist with a background in digital media, data mining and analytics. He’s also founder of Screenful (, a company that develops an “Information Radiator” for Agile teams that helps teams to become better at their software delivery. Sami’s passion is in design and technology, and in particular in the combination of those two. Twitter @samilinnanvuo
micropreneur-maaret-pyhajarvi Maaret Pyhäjärvi is currently employed at Granlund Oy with the decision to go independent, thus looking for a project to work on. Her focus is on mixing software testing and agile coaching. She’s been self-employed on the side since 2005 delivering regular trainings on testing, requirements and agile for various organizations. She tweets as @maaretp and writes a blog (in English) and regular articles in (in Finnish). She’s currently the treasurer for Agile Finland ry.

With this article, we would have also liked to introduce you also to Allan Halme, Vasco Duarte and Johann Walder, whom were also participating. A longer introduction on them will take place with a later time, as the collaboration amongst micropreneurs continue.

If micropreneurship in agile software development with your own niche is of interest to you, we warmly welcome you to join our future sessions. Next one will take place in Omenia premises, organized by Antti Pohjonen on 20.10.2014. To attend our next meetup, sign up here!

Follow @agilefinland on twitter, join our group on facebook or linkedin or our mailing list from and join the later micropreneur meetups! We look forward to getting to know more people in the community with similar interests!

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

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