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The amount of software professionals doubles every five years. That means that half of us are with less than five years of experience. It’s time to take Agile Finland back to technical roots by kicking off a new pod (self-organized unit) on tech excellence.

The first session is a mix of development and testing: test-driven development and this session will take place Thursday May 7th at Sievo office (Mikonkatu 15A). Arguable TDD primarily a design technique, and it would seem that it’s an agile practice hard for even some of the more seasoned professionals. To help us on our journey to understand TDD, Llewellyn Falco, a technical agile coach from USA, has kindly promised to lead us through some experiences.

While tech excellence meetup group is in the process, we take enrollments for this events in the Helsinki Agile Testing meetup group. The space fits 20 well and flexes to more, we’re managing the waitlist at meetup-group.  Welcome!

Test-Driven Development

Thursday, May 7, 2015, 5:00 PM

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Test-Driven Development is really not testing as such, but it’s about design. In a lot of cases, we still revert to test after unit testing. Theme of this evening is to learn about how to turn test after to test first, what are the skills and how to get them.The evening will be facilitated by Llewellyn Falco, a technical coach. The participation w…

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