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In the next Agile Finland coaching circle Riina Hellström will host a session on Jedi-skills for experienced coaches.

This coaching circle is all about diving deeper, between the spoken words, below the emotional reactions and to listening to all of the potential of your client. During two hours you will become aware of a depth and width of where coaching can take your clients, and experience some practical tips on how to take your coaching further.

This is not agile coaching. This is not talking about action lists and learning. This is “all in”.

Riina is a professional brain based coach and a coach certification assessor. She is highly intuitive and uses the force and jedi-skills she has learnt for coaching and facilitating purposes. As a coach trainer, mentor and assessor she is supportive but challenging, really stretching the coaches to develop and grow.

For the ones who are allergic to any certifications concerning people who work with people’s minds: Would you like to have a medical student performing surgery on you?

FacilitatorRiina Hellström, Extemporea
HostIlmari KontulainenDeveo (tel: +358 44 071 5518)
Location: Deveo Kuortaneenkatu 2, 00510 Helsinki

The purpose of the Agile Finland coaching circles is to share experiences and learn. It is open to anyone working with software organizations and willing to reflect ones own experiences.


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