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Agile Finland ry, Sytyke ry and IT Kouluttajat ry all have their own projects on teaching software skills to next generations. In this seminar, we look at an example of one teaching approach that combines real Java programming with Eclipse with technical agile practices into a semester-long course.

The opening presentation on Teaching Kids Programming -material is intended as a discussion opener on approaches to teach not only programming but also related practices. We will reserve time for discussions in effort of finding practical ways for IT-professionals to help Koodi2016 – teaching kids programming as part of curriculum starting in 2016.

Sytyke and IT Kouluttajat will have their annual meetings around this event. The session will take place at Haaga-Helia. Enrollment available here: Ilmoittautuminen (session in Finnish, except for the talk, see http://itko.tivia.fi/koodaus-kouluun

(45 min) Llewellyn Falco. Teaching Kids Programming with the Intentional Method.

TeachingKidsProgramming.org is non-profit with courseware to teach Java. Llewellyn, a co-creator of the courseware, shares what the courseware includes and why. We will learn 8 innovative teaching techniques they weave together to make exciting classes to teach 11-18 year old kids to program.(p.s. these techniques also work when teaching adults new languages & API’s )

These techniques include:

  • Collaborative learning
  • Intentional Coding lessons
  • Guided exploratory learning
  • Post-activity ‘Did you notice?’ Lectures
  • Artistic Hacking sessions
  • Self grading code quizzes
  • Koan style unit test puzzles
  • Randori group learning

Come and experience each of these techniques for yourself. Judge which ones work best, how they combine in aggregate to create a fun and rewarding class.

Or just come to relive the childlike joy of learning to program.

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

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