The new Agile Finland make-it-happenizer will get unique experience in organizing the Finnish lean and agile scene. You will get full autonomy for arranging the work and a great chance to collaborate with agile enthusiasts.

The gig is about making the Agile Finland everyday life rock and roll. The duties are mainly around sponsorship management, administration and communication. We have a couple of big events coming up this spring, Scan Agile and Agile Coaching Camp, and those will undoubtedly generate some tasks as well. Passion for agility and communication and motivation skills are important requirements for the recruit.

Would you be willing to try out the make-it-happenizer role via your own company or billing through one (like your own “toiminimi” or a service such as Would you like to start with a fixed pilot contract of 2000 euros? If we are happy with the value and you are happy with the effort, we will most likely continue. Agile, isn’t it? 🙂

We had a great period of high-speed progress in Finnish agility last spring, when Ru Cindrea was freelancing as an excellent make-it-happenizer for Agile Finland. Encouraged by the fun experience, we want to give the same opportunity for someone else.

Companies are also welcome to make an offer for a suitable person.

The application is process is rolling, so the quicker you contact us, the better 🙂

Contact: or

Karoliina Luoto

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