Agile Finland executive committee discussed during summer 2013 that it would be really nice to have discounts for all sorts of agile-useful courses for our members. As a step towards that, we add events with discounts for members into calendar. These events are not visible on the main page of the site, but if you check the calendar, you can find out about options there are.

So far we’ve had two discounts:

  • Houston Inc. is offering a 20 % discount for Management 3.0 course taking place 27.-28.11.2013
  • Altom offered a 20 % discount for the Rapid Software Testing course by James Bach in October.

Let us know if you’re organizing a course with a discount, and make sure the info reaches our channels (agilefinland-committee(at)

You should note through, that we are experimenting about the channels our members find acceptable for commercial course information. We are working on updating the policies of what happens in what channel and how as soon as we’re getting a  questionnaire out for our members.


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