Agile Finland ry is a non-profit that advances usage, application and awareness of agile software development methods and improves  members’ knowhow by planning and organizing seminars, teaching sessions and conferences.

Our most known (pseudo-)annual event is Scan Agile.  Scan Agile-conference brings together software professionals and agile practitioners who are passionate to improve their skills, get new ideas and network among a community of peers.

The community also organizes smaller scale seminars and conferences all across Finland. These are announced and marketed here on the web site as well as our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and e-mail channels.

There are recurring activities such as Coaching Circles in Helsinki and Tampere and Agile Breakfasts in Helsinki, as well as on-demand sessions on various themes. In our sessions people can come together to meet other agilists as well as learn from each other.

Joining Agile Finland is – and has always been – free, so come on in and join the fun!

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