Agile Finland is hiring – Are you our Lean Make-It-Happenizer?

Agile Finland ry. is a non-profit association for growing the agile ecosystem. Together, we want to act as an independent catalyst for the awareness, usage and improvement of agile and lean thinking.

To help the work done by our awesome community, we will take a step forward and want to hire a make-it-happenizer. As a pilot experiment, we will start with a fixed 2000 euro contract. If we are happy with the value and you are happy with the effort, we will most likely continue. Agile, isn’t it? 🙂

The position is about making the Agile Finland everyday life rock and roll. The duties are mainly around administration, financing and communication. Passion for agility, communication and motivation skills are probably the most important requirements for the recruit.

In return, the person selected for the job will get unique experience in organizing the Finnish lean and agile scene, full autonomy for arranging the work and a chance to collaborate with agile enthusiasts.

Join us and do not hesitate to contact and ask more: Jussi Markula, 040 505 9053,

PS. Companies are also welcome to make an offer for a suitable person.

EDIT: We did find our person, welcome Ru Cindrea! 🙂

Photo by Daniel Schildt

Jussi Markula

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