Now is a great moment to check your calendar for a weekend of agile open space in less than two weeks, 20.-22.5.2016 in Herrankukkaro.
We’ve all had those ‘magic moments’ at a conference or meet up, where you meet the right person and have a wonderful conversation that is just perfect for you. Open space conferences focus around having more of these moments.
We look for participants who are:

  • People excited about ideas
  • People who are exploring the advanced edges of their career
  • People who are leading, teaching, mentoring or coaching others

Friday is a training day with four advanced topics to choose for:

  • Diana Larsen (USA – the most famous agilist on retrospectives and an incredible open space facilitator) does a session on Agile Chartering (getting started on a project)
  • Llewellyn Falco (USA/Finland) does a session on Technical coaching in mob format (getting skills taught for technical audiences).
  • Jani Roman (Finland) does a session on Systemic Constellations (applied systems theory)
  • Simo Routarinne (Finland) does a session on Status Facilitation (body language)

Just the Friday trainings are worth the 350 euros for the event. The event is priced low with everyone paying there share in peer-to-peer conference spirit and support from our sponsors: thank you Flowa. (We’re welcoming other sponsors to join too! You reach us at Look at who will be there from and join the discussions and co-creation of the weekend.

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Karoliina Luoto

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