Interested of blogging at

In order to provide a healthy wake-up call to the hibernating Agile Finland blogging scene, we are arranging an Agile Finland Blogging Editorial Meeting on Tuesday, October 6th. If you are interested in writing about a topic related to Agile, you can join the meeting to discuss your ideas, come up with new ones, and […]

Activists meetup

Join other active agilists for an overnighter at Keppana Kellari ( on 26.-27.9.2015. Planned program would be short association meeting Open Space general get-to-know-each-other We are also hoping to generate actionable ideas how Agile Finland could better support the community and all the activities. Food, accommodation, drinks and trips are on the house. And there […]

Let’s learn languages with TechExcellence pod

Let’s learn languages with TechExcellence pod There’s a bunch of great ideas around how to work through the basic of being great in software development – a theme we work together on within the TechExcellence pod in Agile Finland. TechExcellence was setup as language agnostic or polyglot, with the hope to bring together people across […]

New executive committee!

Annual meeting of Agile Finland was held on Tuesday 5.5. evening at premises of Druid and Fraktio. Thanks for the folks of these companies for hosting the event! Biggest outcome is the new executive committee that was selected. Rest of the year executive committee will be facilitated by Olli Pietikäinen and the committee will have […]

New Pod: Tech Excellence Finland welcomes you

Agile Finland community has great and active pods (self-organized units that create stuff in the community) in Coaching, Contracts, CxOs, Testing and conferences (Scan Agile, Tampere Goes Agile). This message is to announce that there’s also now a pod for back-to-roots stuff of software development from a team member perspective. We decided to call it […]


How to hold a coaching exercise in your organization

A guest post by:  Ilmari Kontulainen I have been hosting Agile finland Helsinki coaching circles from last spring. Coaching circles are monthly meetups where people can present and discuss different topics that revolve around coaching as well as practice the actual coaching. The most essential practice that we have is an actual coaching exercise. In […]

Summary on Breakfast seminar on Agile Ownership 22.5.2014

Agile Ownership stream (in Finnish: Ketterä omistajuus) kicked off with a breakfast seminar at Codento premises in downtown Helsinki. There was a crowd – great participation – with a lot of energy and a surprising mix of people from Helsinki and further. Majority of people were from customer organizations, and the contractor representatives mingled nicely […]

Future of Agile (Finland) – What it might be?

Writeup by: Maaret Pyhäjärvi, Agile Finland Executive committee 2013 On August 20th, 15 onsite and 6 remote participants got together on a discussion about future of Agile (Finland). This writeup is one person’s summary of what was going on in the discussions, and you can check the recording for misinterpretations I might have created while […]