Agile Ownership stream (in Finnish: Ketterä omistajuus) kicked off with a breakfast seminar at Codento premises in downtown Helsinki. There was a crowd – great participation – with a lot of energy and a surprising mix of people from Helsinki and further. Majority of people were from customer organizations, and the contractor representatives mingled nicely in a very friendly atmosphere. Special thanks to the organizers Karoliina Luoto and Marika Leed.

The session started with a presentation from experiences from the first public agile procurement. Slides are available on slideshare:

After that, we continued with discussions about what is important in our experiences of agile ownership, shared those. And towards the end, our facilitators concluded with vote for the next sessions theme. Collection of themes is available in Etherpad:

The notes (in Finnish) can be viewed below. And you’re welcome to ask / comment contribute. Twitter with #ketteraomistajuus #agilefinland would be a great medium!

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Maaret Pyhäjärvi

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