Let’s learn languages with TechExcellence pod

There’s a bunch of great ideas around how to work through the basic of being great in software development – a theme we work together on within the TechExcellence pod in Agile Finland. TechExcellence was setup as language agnostic or polyglot, with the hope to bring together people across languages with themes closer to the actual development work. We might want to do sometimes something on the methods of Scrum or Kanban from a single team perspective, but our focus really lies on ways to  become great at making of the systems and products we’re creating. We work on themes around coding (there’s SO MUCH to that), testing and specifying, for now with an emphasis on the programming stuff.

We’ve had sessions on refactoring and unit testing, and how we got inspired to try something different. We want to do a series of evening experiences on languages. And for that purpose, we’re calling out for people to volunteer as language experts.

What we’ll do

The idea of what we’ll do comes from a series of sessions Llewellyn Falco is running with Strangeloop conference in 2015. Strangeloops is a conference that brings together programming languages across the board, with many people who are inventors of the languages – experts as much as there is to that language. We’re not targeting that level of expert, but we’re looking for people to volunteer with languages they are proficient with to help us co-create experiences of many languages for the community.

We’ll run the session as coding dojo’s with randory / mob programming setup. Llewellyn Falco has volunteered to facilitate the sessions for us, and the participants will be split into two groups: those experiencing first-hand the language as part of the mob, and those observing and sharing observations as part of the audience.

Coding Dojo Setup


Calling for language experts! 

We know there will be one session on JavaScript with Matti Schneider volunteering as the language expert. If you don’t know him yet, he is awesome! We need a selection of languages to experience and on my personal list of what I would like to experience would be very exotic languages like MUMPS (the language of Apotti, hearing bad things about it) and Cobol. Objective C / Swift would also be on my list of wishes (something mobile oriented). I’ve personally enjoyed tremendously the experience of C#/Java side  by side, and learning to hunt the pieces of the languages in group settings basing on stuff we know from an other language.

What is needed from each expert.

  • 1) expert will provide their laptop with IDE (or at least environment) for us to program on
  • 2) expert will answer questions (like a smarter google) and provide (small) insights to areas of language we might not realize exist
  • 3) expert will do short (10min) skype call to confirm kata problems are appropriate for language

Let us know if you’re up for this. I’ll be collecting the list and coordinating these: maaret@iki.fi

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

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