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In the first session of the autumn, we’ll get back to the preliminary question: What is coaching all about? What does coaching mean to you? What do you like about coaching? What would you like to know about coaching? What should I ask from you next?

This session is a great place to for new people to join in and get a better understanding of what coaching is and what it could mean for you. For experienced coaches this is an opportunity to reflect on what coaching means to you and how other coaches think.

The session will be a combination of facilitated discussion and coaching exercises. We will have multiple exercises where one person coaches another with an observer. The exercise format is familiar to those you have attended before and newcomers can easily join in as observers or as solution seekers.

Facilitator and host: Ilmari Kontulainen, Deveo (tel: +358 44 071 5518)
Location: Deveo Kuortaneenkatu 2, 00510 Helsinki

The purpose of the Agile Finland coaching circles is to share experiences and learn. It is open to anyone working with software organizations and willing to reflect ones own experiences.

Ilmari Kontulainen

Ilmari Kontulainen is the CEO of software production platform Deveo, a lean thinker and continuous improvement fanatic. During spare time Ilmari organizes Agile Finland’s coaching circles at Helsinki, reads and does variety of sports.

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