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Last coaching circle of 2015 will be about Physical coaching – status representation and movement.

A lot of communication in teams and groups happens with non-verbal means, so it is useful for a coach to acknowledge the basic mechanisms and be able to facilitate physical communication, at least to some extent.

This coaching circle will focus on status representation (exploring Simo Routarinne’s book Valta ja vuorovaikutus – ‘Power and communication’). We will learn together how to facilitate status representation with movement and physical expression. The session consists of going through the basic elements of status representation, and then practicing facilitation with different excercises.

Venue: Codento, Vuorikatu 14 B, 7. krs 00100 Helsinki

Host & Facilitator: Karoliina Luoto, Codento

Ilmari Kontulainen

Ilmari Kontulainen is the CEO of software production platform Deveo, a lean thinker and continuous improvement fanatic. During spare time Ilmari organizes Agile Finland’s coaching circles at Helsinki, reads and does variety of sports.

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