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In the next Agile Finland coaching circle Tuukka Aaltonen will host a Pro Action Cafe.

The Pro Action Cafe is a methodology for creative and inspirational conversation where participants are invited to share their questions (around projects, seed ideas etc) and get input (deeper questions, knowledge, experience) from others, to help move from questions to actions.

The original concept of Pro Action Café is a blend from World Café and Open Space Technology.

Brief introduction to the topic is available as a video.

Facilitator: Tuukka Aaltonen, Sempre Media Oy

Host: Ilmari KontulainenDeveo (tel: +358 44 071 5518)

Location: Deveo Kuortaneenkatu 2, 00510 Helsinki

The purpose of the Agile Finland coaching circles is to share experiences and learn. It is open to anyone working with software organizations and willing to reflect ones own experiences.


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