Join other active agilists for an overnighter at Keppana Kellari ( on 26.-27.9.2015. Planned program would be short association meeting Open Space general get-to-know-each-other We are also hoping to generate actionable ideas how Agile Fin... read more

Annual meeting of Agile Finland was held on Tuesday 5.5. evening at premises of Druid and Fraktio. Thanks for the folks of these companies for hosting the event! Biggest outcome is the new executive committee that was selected. Rest of the year executive ... read more

Puuhayksilöitä etsitään! Kourallinen Agile Finlandin aktivisteja kokoontui keväisenä tiistai-iltana Codenton toimistolle pistämään itseään tikulla silmään ja muistelemaan mennyttä vuotta retrospektiivin hengessä. Keskustelimme erityisesti h... read more

Agile Finland Newsletter 1/2015 Our first edition of the newsletter this year just went out, check it out here: and read more about Agile Finland upcoming events!     (Photo by Daniel Schildt)