Growing Smart Creatives that Collaborate – start by Agile Finland ry participating in Hour of Code December 8.-14.

Agile Finland is taking on an experiment for a new target audience by joining Hour of Code -week on 8.-14.12.2014. In preparation of that, a lot of the content has already been translated (not yet deployed though) to Finnish and work on that continues to be ready by that time.

It appears that an open session (for any of your kids on grades 1-2) will take place in Leppävaara library on 8th of December, evening 18 – 19.30 facilitated by Maaret Pyhäjärvi. If you could lend a helping hand, contact Enrolling is open here:

Will also need to come up with more tablet computers than readily available right now to borrow for that week, and while it’s doable, your help through volunteering info / access could make it easier.

In addition to the public Hour of Code -session, Maaret has committed to doing one for 1st graders at Malmin ala-aste and two sessions at kindergarten Viskuri, one for pre-schoolers and one for the five-year olds. If you want to volunteer on that week on your local school, Maaret is happy to give you tips on how to do that, and share what is learned from preparing this so far.

Let us know if you could take part in this. Hour of Code for Agile Finland can be just what very small group gets done, or it can be something more. It’s up to you.

Instructions on enrolling to the 8.12.2014 18.-19.30 public event will be posted on shortly.

You can read more on what Maaret is setting up on her own blog:

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

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