Annual Fannual took place yesterday and the official meeting notes will get published on soon. Meanwhile, you might like to know that there is a new and wonderful executive committee selected.

Executive committee is facilitated by Jussi Markula as the voted chairman – we won the position in a tight good-spirited vote with Hannu Kokko. The executive committee has five full members: Vasco Duarte, Olli Pietikäinen, Hannu Kokko, Martin von Weissenberg in addition to Jussi Markula and two spare members: Karoliina Luoto, Kjell Lauren.

I would expect based on what was discussed that the spare members are really close to full members in this board, with the only distinction being that they can vote (if ever needed) only when full members are unavailable.

You might notice that I’m not on the list, even though I’ve quite clearly let everyone know I’m available. I’m available also without a position in the executive committee and trust to be included. The executive committee chooses positions such as secretary and treasurer amongst themselves or can take people outside the actual committee into those positions, and I’ve volunteered to do that to make sure all the absolutely great volunteers fit on the members list.

That leads us to the end conclusion: any of you would be welcome to actively participate in the so called executive committee -stuff. Jussi Markula already invited everyone who wants to actively make a difference in Agile Finland to add him on skype (jmarkula) with a request to join the very much extended executive committee group there. Let’s take Agile Finland a notch forward again, together as usual.

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